My Week at CES

16 Jan

I can sum up my trip to CES with walking, shooting, waiting and wanting.

Walking: From Monday at 5pm when I landed until Thursday at 7p when I sat down to wait for my flight… I walked. like a pioneer child. I was a ping-pong ball bouncing between multiple writers and the press-room. CES is spread between 3 major halls, and this year they added essentially a fourth hall in the Venetian…far from the convention center. Not to mention the private suites in the surrounding Hotels… walking.

Shooting: My assignment for 3/4 of the time was to offer video support to the Laptop Magazine crew. They all had bloggies and Xacti cameras to shoot little bits on their own, but when they needed a little bigger gun they’d ping me. I shot over 35 pieces in three days. It was only in the last hours of the last day, that my arm started to involuntarily twitch. (I had a monopod, and used it half the time.)

Waiting: There was a bit of waiting, mostly for the Monorail. but then after midnight, I was waiting for things to upload, or transcode… I was in bed by 2am most nights and up at 6:45a each day.

Wanting: Of course being surround by cool tech all day long, leaves me wanting. There were sooo many interesting things to gawk at and covet. Some of the things, I’ve seen lots of times I just can’t afford. like the new Thermostat from Nest. (I got to meet and interview Matt Rogers the designer!)

Other things I never knew existed like Razer’s Blade Gaming Notebook. (The keyboard has an LED/trackpad and several configurable buttons, all with their own mini-LEDs underneath)

I also found myself coveting The new MAkerbot 3D printer, the Replicator. It’s bigger than the one I saw last year. again, something I’ll never be able to afford.

(My video hasn’t been posted yet.)

There were tons of headphones that I would have loved to bring home. My favorite pair were by Parrot (same folks that make the AR Drone) the headphones were called Zik. the headphones use NFC to pair with your phone and then the sides of the headphone itself is a touch control. swipe it up and down for volume, and left and right to change tracks…AND it has like 4 mics for noise canceling. and a jawbone conductor for good measure. I joked with the CEO about the price… it’ll prbly be like $800 or more.

(my video hasn’t been posted yet.)
The Swag haul was pretty good this year; 4 headphones, prbly 4 USB drives, 2 flashlights, a giant cowboy bling necklace, a sweet 4 USB power plug, gift cards to GelaSkins (love their stuff!) and I think 3 iPhone cases.  I also had a nice headphone splitter and a laser pointer that I gave to a friend of mine who’s a reporter in Las Vegas. We had a sweet dinner Wednesday night at a “speak easy” fantastic live Jazz Piano and some delicious lasagna… (Capo’s)

There you have it, simply put. walking, shooting, waiting and wanting..
Now here I am fatigued (I think I got 14 hours of sleep from Monday morning to Thursday midnight.) I’m now the proud owner of a good size cold sore. the price i pay I guess.

Other Highlights: I really enjoyed talking to the designer of Nest. He was full of energy and his product is realllllly cool. I hope that when they are no longer backordered that I can get my own… I also really enjoyed the break I took on Thursday afternoon at a booth for INADA massage chairs. They were selling, but I wasn’t interested in buying just sitting in ’em. Talking with Bre Pettis of makerbot was a lot of fun. and then there was the Geiger Counter for your iPhone that Scosche was showing for their overseas market.


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